For about 6 years together with my husband we are doing at the end of the year a retrospective. We discuss about what we achieved the current year together and individually.

It has been a tough year for everyone, our routines have changed, we are tired.

Our retrospective is about how we see from a high level the full year and what we want for the next one.

We did not have a structure from the beginning, most of the time our retrospective is a discussion. I would have liked to have it written down since we have started doing this.

What went well?

  • I changed job as we planned, started to work for GitLab since February 2o2o, still here.
  • Husband quit his job and works full time on his project.
  • Paid our debt.
  • Both worked from home, I had company this year.
  • Keep ourselves healthy.
  • Helped my parents with renovating their home.
  • Worked 2 weeks from seaside.

What we could have done better?

  • Reading, I had another plan with reading this year.
  • Being active, with the restrictions and lockdowns we stayed so much time inside, I don’t find my motivation to workout or go out for walks.

What we learned?

  • I’ve learned to be grateful for working remotely and have a job in this strange times.
  • We can live with less things
  • We can do plans and radically change and adjust.
  • Living in a small city has advantages, infections with Covid were less here.
  • I miss gym, gym is an important piece in my daily routine.

What do we focus on next year?

  • Don’t get Covid, get the vaccine.
  • Prioritize fitness.
  • Travel somewhere sunny and warm.
  • Study and learn to level up my programming skills.
  • Create more, consume less.
  • Work from another place, seaside and maybe somewhere in the mountains.
  • Continue working on the retiring at 35 plan.

This year flew away so fast, it feels like I didn’t do so much and I did a lot at the same time.

Are you doing a end of year retrospective? What your retrospective looks like?

I wish you a Happy New Year!